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Questions? Call:

Questions? Call:

TipTop Training & Rehab – Northbrook, IL

Job Description: 20 years in business. Looking for someone who has a passion for fitness and helping kids get to the next level of there game.
Group and private training in a relaxed environment.
Are you interested in a great opportunity and also buy into the practice after seeing if we can work together.e work with d1 and d3 athletics who need a great mentor along with 8years to 18 years.
Live close to Northbrook who has access to a car and can also be able to recruit clients for higher comission

Job Type: Part-time Employment
Job Position: speed and agility along with strength

Location(s): Northbrook, IL
Company: TipTop Training & Rehab
Contact: Mindee Epstein
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (847) 721-7293