Fitness Professional – Wilmington, Delaware

Job Description: You’ll be building your career as a Fitness Professional with an award-winning boutique fitness studio, Have complete creative control to develop programming that is results-driven and create an atmosphere that supports and empowers self-confidence and improves self-esteem..

Work part-time, 20-30 hours per week, within 6 months advance to full-time (AM and PM shift options available)

Community outreach to grow and develop Medical Exercise/Post-Rehabilitation and Corporate Wellness programs

Engage members in safe, effective, and fun ways to get the most from their workouts

Continuously promote awareness of the Art Fitness Culture and actively seek new clients

Job Type: Full-T/Part-time Employment
Job Position: Fitness Professional

Location(s): Wilmington Delaware
Company: Art Fitness
Contact: Alisa Rose
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (302) 477-0123