Job Description: To conduct fitness assessments and personal training sessions with clients during one-on-one or group appointments. Prospecting inside and outside of the gym to generate revenue (Minimum of 1 new client per 2 week period, or 2 new clients a month).

• Create individual workout plans for clients based on client goals and fitness objectives on days they are training with you as well as the days they are not training with you.
• Help client meet fitness objectives by coaching and assisting them in personal training sessions.
• Generate client progress report with accurate measurements and fitness testing (every 4 weeks).
• Demonstrate the proper use of strength training.

Job Type: Full-time Employment
Job Position: Personal Trainer

Location(s): Johns Creek GA
Company: Anytime Fitness Johns Creek GA
Contact: Sheri Pettry
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (909) 744-2470